Weird Gaming for Refugees Schedule


Last update: NOVEMBER 20!

Here’s the schedule for the charity stream! All times are Eastern Standard Time.

I will display and try to read out all pledge messages on the stream!

November 20

Note: Games listed may change, especially as a result of milestone goals

8:00 PM – Multiplayer Games with Derek the Bard and friends!

Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara
Rune Master
Ninja Kids
Ninja Baseball Batman

November 21

12:00 AM – SupaNintendoGirl and Luke Spencer!

Umihara Kawase

2:00 AM – Ross Scott

Maniac Mansion

6:00 AM – Single Player Madness

Legend of the Mystical Ninja
Action 52
Saturday Morning RPG
Commodore 64 games

Multiplayer Fun

Goof Troop
The Outfoxies
Age of Empires 2

12:00 PM – Mike “Birdman” Dodd


4:00 PM – Jon St. John

Serious Sam Double D XXL

4:30 PM – Special Message by Doug Walker, followed by:

Toilet Kids
Phantom 2040

6:00 PM – Electronic Super Joy

Electronic Super Joy

7:00 PM – Wrap-up

Any milestone challenges I still haven’t done, I do now!

Milestone Goals:

$50 – Vote on a game for me to play!

I have a bunch of games I’ve never tried. Want to see how I react? Want to know if they’re as crazy as they sound? Vote on the one you want to see the most!

$100 – I’ll play a game blindfolded!

Your choice!
Super Metroid (SNES)
Ocarina of Time (N64)
Double Dragon (NES)

$150 – Vote on second game!

Hey, maybe I didn’t play the one you wanted to see the first time around. Now I can!

$200 – Impossible Game!

Want to see me struggle with a game I can’t possibly beat? Pick one of these!

China Miner (Commodore 64)
Dragon’s Lair (NES)
I Wanna Be The Guy Gaiden [Hardest difficulty] (PC)
Streets of Rage 3 [Hardest difficulty] (Sega Genesis)

$250 – Red Panda costume!


$300 – Vote on a game I love/hate!

Want to have mercy on me and see my play one of my all-time favourites? Or would you rather see me suffer with games that I absolutely can’t stand?

$350 – Vote on two games I haven’t played!

Third and fourth choice!

$400 – Another blindfolded game!

One I didn’t try before

$450 – Any of the above!

You can decide what you want me to do!

$500 – GOAL! Highest Donor gets a prize!

I will sign and mail a game to the highest donor with a thank you note. Pick a game from my collection!

Full list of games for me to try:

Axe of Rage (Commodore 64)
Batalyx (Commodore 64)
Buffalo Roundup (Commodore 64)
Captain Bible in Dome of Darkness (DOS)
Dare Devil Denis: The Sequel (Commodore 64)
Drelbs (Commodore 64)
The Fabulous Wanda (Commodore 64)
Freak Factory (Commodore 64)
Legend of the Amazon Women (Commodore 64)
Ninja Golf (Atari 7800)
Penguin-kun Wars (Arcade)
Tongue of the Fatman (DOS)


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A naked man with a deformed head must build a bridge by himself in the hopes of sexing a naked woman with a deformed head.

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A Buddhist monk blows up the world with exploding swastikas. He’s the good guy.

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Weird Video Games – Thunder and Lightning

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