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Hagane TAS in 14:11 by Tiger- and Heisanevilgenius

Part One

Part Two

This is a Tool-assisted speedrun of Hagane for SNES done by myself and Tiger- for Tools such as save states, slow motion and frame advance were used to manipulate input so that the game could be beaten as quickly as possible, beyond normal human skill.

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SNES Family Feud Glitchfest TAS

This is a tool-assisted play I submitted to where I abused the word-recognition program as much as possible.

Tools such as slow motion and save states were used to create this video.

EDIT: This run won two 2009 TAS awards at TAS Videos:
Funny TAS of 2009….
and Innovative TAS of 2009….
Thanks for the views and comments, everyone!

Special thanks to guardiane and rickcressen for the videos that inspired me to do it, and to Dispari Scuro for helping me come up with some of the entries.

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