Fanfiction Fun! is a site where anyone can open a free account and upload stories they create themself about their favourite TV show, movie, book, video game, wrestler, soccer team, invisible friend, or their siamese twin deformed monkey sister.

I have two accounts, in fact.

I make my halfway-decent attempts at fanfiction here. And by that, I mean a fan story based on Full House in which the characters murder each other.

Peter Chimaera
My alter ego here is your typical fanfiction nut who never read anything with more than 15 pages, has an attention span of about 6 minutes depending on what he's eaten in the past 12, and despite having English as a first language, just can't figure out those pesky rules of spelling and grammar. Throw in the fact that he only has a vague understanding of the setting and characters in these stories, never proofreads, and never quite understood what the word "plot" really means. Now you have a pretty good idea about what's wrong with Peter Chimaera.
Note: The moderators removed my Batman fanfic for some reason, so I searched the hard drive of my old computer and found it. You can read it here. Unfortunately, you won't be able to read the really funny reviews I got, including one where someone gave a step-by-step breakdown of how my story was out-of-character for Batman.


January 10, 2007
I would have updated sooner, but was waiting for Tom_D's activation e-mail so he could upload his new Mortal Kombat fanfic. It took around five days!
Anyway, more on that later.
I created a new Halo fanfic. Take a look.

Tom_D also did some voiceovers of my fanfics on here:
THE MATRIX RETURN fanfiction reading

January 3, 2007: A bunch of stuff. - One "Ozymandias" e-mailed me to tell me he wrote a song based on my Doom fanfic. I'm thrilled about this. Interestingly enough, his name appears to be Tom Dougherty, which is suspiciously similar to Tom Docherty, who has contributed much to this site.

Speaking of Tom_D, he wrote a Mortal Kombat fanfic and I voiced it so we can add to a ytmnd. More on this later.
I also found two old fanfics I never uploaded, dusted them off, finished them, and added them. Click here. The new fanfics are for Castlevania and for the Matrix. Tom_D is voicing them in turn. I look forward to seeing all of these things on soon.

May 20, 2006: I found this today. Awesome.
Once again, it made Top 15. I feel so important. Too bad most people don't realize it was a joke.
Also: Doom

May 18, 2006: has made somewhat of a phenomenon out of my fanfics. Thanks for the headsup, Dan and Zem.

Gundam Wing
Digimon 2
The reviews made me smile. Especially the ones that pointed out the logical inconsistency of penguins living on the North Pole.
Awesomeness Incarnate is that the Gundam one is currently in ytmnd's top 15. :D

April 20, 2006: Dan pointed out to me a very interesting response to my Doom fanfic from the forums on GameFAQs:
screenshot 1
screenshot 1

July 26, 2007: I have to say the popularity of these fanfics wildly exceeded my expectations.
Jute brought this to my attention: Doom: Repercussions of Evil in Comic Form!
I wish I knew who drew it. It's brilliant!

I also did a google search for "repercussions of evil" and found a whole bunch of results. Mostly fanfic readings on ytmnd, but also these:
A DeviantArt drawing by ~LupineWarlord and
Peter Chimaera on Encyclopedia Dramatica
My head feels unnaturally big right now. I'm going to insult myself a few times to keep my ego in check. Thanks so much to the people who added that page. It made me laugh until my face hurt.

Taking a suggestion from someone on 4chan, I also added a new Devil May Cry fanfic. That's it for now.