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Megacrap 8.png

Rom Hack

Based on: Mega Man 5

Author: Bryan

Summary: Like many other NES Rom Hacks, this one is largely just a strange attempt at humour by inserting drug references and throwing in words like "gay" and "poop". Sometimes people can fail at comedy so badly that it actually becomes funny.



Megacrap 1.png

Bryan cleverly changed the name of Capcom to Crapcom.

"Crapcom shoves-it!!"

Not only that, but he informs us that they shove-it! Aside from the nonsensical hyphen, I'd like to draw attention to the good job Bryan did at fitting an R and an A in the space where there was normally only an A. You can barely tell that you can't even tell what it says.

"In the year 7XXX BC"

Please understand my skepticism that there were robots fighting in a sprawling metropolis thousands of years before the recorded history of mankind.

"A vicious army of Gaybos is bent on destroying your dick!!"

An Internet meme is born. Who is this Gaybos, and why is his army bent on destroying your dick? The fact that Bryan misspelled Gaybots only adds to the awesomeness of this statement.

"And behind this bull shit is!?"

You are, Bryan.

Megacrap 6.png

Okay, so in this game, Megaman has an eyepatch and a big giant square for a hand. The eyepatch I understand. Eyepatches make things cool, and that's a medical fact. But why is his hand a big square?


I see what you did there, Bryan.

"Ress Start" "Ass Turd"

Bryan's brilliant reworking of "Password" into "Ass turd" still doesn't completely take your mind off the question of what "Ress Start" means.


"Grabme, Man"
"Naked Man"
"Fart Man"


"Shut up!!!"

Are you not amazed by Bryan's ability to turn a courteous "Ready" into an in-your-face "Shut up!!!"? I know I am.

Megacrap 13.png

Why in Dr. Light's name does Megaman look like this? Square hands, weird super-grin facial expression, and worst of all, his eyepatch is gone.

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